U-We Gifts
Position: Executive Assistant

U-We is expanding its empire...join us now while you still have the choice!!!
We're seeking to expand our sales force by adding an Executive Assistant. This part-time job involves sales, customer service, and humans. If dealing with humans is a deal breaker...keep steppin'. 
U-We Gift Ambassadors have an enthusiastic, fun, and positive attitude while assisting customers with sales and product information. A good sense of humor, creative mindset, and passion for customer happiness is needed. The primary duty of the Executive Assistant is to promote U-We's products and events through excellent customer service. As Executive Assistant, you will be in charge of running the store, assisting customers, and the owner. You will be responsible for guiding customers through any number of U-We experiences and unique gifting items. Some common responsibilities of the Executive Assistant include the following:

  • Welcoming customers into the store
  • Staying knowledgeable about our range of products
  • Be a Gift Ambassador to customers helping them realize the perfect gift or scent
  • Recommending related products to increase customers’ options and enrich the shopping experience
  • Explaining the benefits and functions of products, method of preparation, and how to use them to achieve the best results
  • Accepting and processing orders, operating the POS register, and resolving issues
  • Promoting special sales, offers, and awareness of events

An ideal candidate for this position will be comfortable working approximately 20 hours per week. They will also have the access and support to learn and grow from a successful female business owner with great business acumen.
Interested parties should submit their resume to Stephanie Swicker, Owner U-We Gifts: uwegifts@gmail.com or contact 580.745.8083 for more details.